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Frequently Asked Questions

We Offer Video tutorials through our partner services. We will walk you through the entire process. Upload your Audio, Video, and / or Document files to our transcoding servers and we will do the rest.  We will convert them to web-friendly formats to ensure proper playback across all devices.  We will also embed the media’s meta-data information directly into the file. Your media is then made available through a variety of playback mediums, including; Players, Media Centers, Mobile & ROKU Apps, and RSS/Podcast feeds.

Upload your video files to your LSS and then push the same video file to your YouTube or Vimeo channel. (Without having to re-upload the video to YouTube or Vimeo as a separate process.)  Media that has been published to an external service can be safely removed from your Studio, if desired.  (This will not affect playback from those external services.)

Yes! Auto-advancing date / time following each broadcast. Setup your weekly broadcasts in advance, and following each broadcast your “master live episode” will automatically update its details (date/time) to be ready for the next live event.  This makes it VERY easy to flawlessly broadcast week after week!

Yes! we have an easy drag and drop process to add logo or opener video segments. Select media files from your archive to serve as a pre-roll and/or post-roll for the Episodes in a particular Playlist. You can have them play only once per Playlist, or for every Episode within the Playlist as the viewer moves between Episodes within your Media Centers or Players.  Please note: due to the technology involved, this feature does not function properly on all mobile devices.

Yes it will. Our service can automatically decide the best speed and quality for the best experience possible. Upload a single high quality source video file and the Sermon Studio can produce multiple files (“derivatives”) at various bit rates and resolutions (including HD). You select your desired transcoding profiles and the Sermon Studio will take it from there. For playback, the viewer’s device will automatically play the best quality stream based on their connection speed. The viewer can also manually select between the different qualities of video ‘on-the-fly’ (and not lose their position within the file during playback). Please note: each video file bit rate / derivative that you create will produce a separate video file and this will add to your Storage total.

Create as many user-logins as needed for your Sermon Studio, and set individual permissions for each. For example; a restricted Studio user can only add new media to their assigned Playlist(s).